Behind the Success

Mor Elbaz is a well known investor who gained his business experience from the countless companies he raised from the ground. Mor carries with his name an infinite knowledge in marketing and promotion and brings them to New City in Israel. Between all his advantages stands his outstanding experience in producing large marketing projects. All these qualities are presented in every business meeting he has with any serious investor, from the smallest projects to the largest. A large part of his work is to guide his clientele trough a wide range of stages, from initial consultation till the end of the process.

Over the years Mor has been marketing projects for investors and companies with great success and acquired a large and diverse clientele with his many connections in the real estate market. His ability to track profitable assets and market them is uncanny. This capability places him as a most vital corner stone in our company structure. A large part of his contribution to the company is matching assets to their potential buyers in a remarkable manor that never fails.