About Us

Our Individuality

New City Israel is a dynamic and unique company in the vast real estate market. Our specialty in marketing apartments, new buildings, renovation of old buildings and "Tama 38" city plan projects is only a fraction of our area of expertise. Our vision is to provide the best service to our extensive clientele, from the initial stages of consultation until the end of all processes and in that simple way New City Israel turns your investment into a very pleasant experience.

On our Way to Another Success

New City Israel is consists of a variety of associates that have years of established reputation in the real estate market and are the leading personnel in their field of expertise: developing, identifying and marketing projects. Our agents are driven by high motivation, personal responsibility and high ethical standards. Our extensive staff prove their strength in real estate markets with a vast knowledge and unique methods that they acquired over the years and show a high degree of experience, a full understanding of the real estate market and are very attentive to our customers' needs.

Resources as a Way for Understanding

New City Israel has lots of experience dealing with investors, architects and contractors. Our actions are backed by lawyers and tax consultants who specialize in all sectors of real estate and can provide an immediate answer to tax issues and legal questions. Using these resources New City in Israel can present you with the opportunity to see the whole picture, give a real-time response to any question which arises, provide an estimate according to your budget and produce the right banking conditions from your preferred bank.

The Future in "Tama 38" City Plan

Our team of experts mapped the real estate market and developed a unique mechanism for investment in projects such as "Tama 38" out of the understanding that this market segment will gain a significant momentum in the upcoming years. For locating, planning and executing the "Tama 38", "38/2" projects, New City Israel uses alot of resources which is lead by a top architects and developers in israel. We also support "Tama 38", "38/2" projects in order to secure your investment.

We commit to the best service and place the emphasis on your success